Prom Season is Here!!!

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Our range of themed signs continues to grow, now with the addition of Prom and Graduation signs. All the signs are printed on a durable laminate and are double sided and include:

  • Prom King | Oh, What A Night!
  • Prom Queen | Party All Night!
  • Jock | Nerd
  • High School Sweethearts | Friends to the end>>
  • Prom | Lights, Camera, Prom!
  • Rock Star | My Boo>>
  • Most Popular | Class Clown
  • Prom | Tonight… Is┬áThe Night!
  • I Spiked The Punch | These Heels Hurt!
  • King | After Party?!
  • Queen | So Ready To Party!
  • Fancy | No Freshman Zone!
  • Class of Swag! | Voted Best Dressed!
  • A Night T Remember! | So Sexy!
  • Wild! | So Fresh… So Clean
  • Best Night Ever! | Rolling Solo!
  • Friends For Life! | Unforgettable Night!

We’ll typically bring a selection of these to Prom and Graduation themed events along with a wide range of our props (150-200 in total). Your guests will ┬ádefinitely be spoilt for choice!

Some of our Prom Signs

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