We now have fun signs for Quinceañeras

By | Props, Quinceañera

Our list of available signs continues to grow! Now featuring signs for Quinceañera!

Here are details of each sign – the front and reverse:

Sign 1: Turn Down For What | ¿Quién lo invitó? (Who invited him?)

Sign 2: Turnt Up | Soy el alma de la fiesta (I’m the life of the party)

Sign 3: I’m So Fancy | Pal Feisbuk (For Facebook)

Sign 4: Proud of You | Felicidades en tus quince (Congratulations for your Quince)

Sign 5: Deuces | Vine por el pastel (I came for the cake)

Sign 6: It’s Ya Birthday! | Quiero bailar (I want to dance)

Sign 7: YOLO | Demasiado bonita para la fiesta (Too sexy for the party)

Sign 8: My Damas! | Quince años! (Fifteen years!)

Sign 9: My Besties | Busca Novio (Looking for boyfriend)

Sign 10: Tight! | Lo que diga mi mujer (Whatever my wife says)

Sign 11: Happy 15th Birthday! | Soy soltero (I’m Single ‘In the male voice’)

Sign 12: CRAY! | Todas mueren por mi (They all want me)

Sign 13: Like a Boss | Mis Chambelanes (My Chambelanes)

Sign 14: It’s My Birthday | La Diva! (Diva)

Sign 15: LOL! | Orgulloso de ti! (Proud of you!)

Sign 16: (Happy Birthday) | Vamos de Fiesta (Let’s Party)