Are your photo booth pictures free to download or share online?

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We see day-to-day just how much fun people have taking pictures with our photo booths and we want people to be able to share that fun with their family and friends during and after an event. Our Standard and Premium packages include a social media station for sharing of pictures to Facebook, by email or Twitter.

After an event we also ensure the pictures (both the strips or postcards but also the individual pictures) are posted as quickly as possible on our site (usually within 24 hours). By posting the pictures so soon people are often still ‘in the moment’ and the pictures help build on those memories –  I  mean who realized that ‘Pop’ could be so crazy!!

In addition to sharing the pictures online they can be downloaded for free from our site for printing at CVS or Walgreens etc. Copies can even be purchased online if you simply want to order prints from the comfort of your desk or futon!

If you are booking your next photo booth ask how easy it is to get copies of the pictures during and after an event and if there is a charge involved. We like to keep things simple – all the event photos from our site are free to download and a social media station is included with our Standard and Premium packages. Is your selected photo booth provider as flexible?

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